SHINee Happy People: fans turn out in force to greet their favourite K-pop band

Saharial joins the Shawols in Abbey Road and catches a glimpse of SMTown’s boy band. Abbey Road at 7.45am lies unsuspecting in the morning sunshine of the hundreds of kpop fans that will swarm the area in support of SHINee who are performing “Japan Debut Premium Reception in London“ ( – a live streamed concert […]

Saharial’s Guide to Kpop – part 1

Saharial commences a journey through the many attractions of Kpop, which will lead her wherever you want her to go Introduction I’ve been following the Korean music scene since late 2004, after a small detour from the Hong Kong and Taiwanese pop scene turned into one giant change of direction in my interests in Asian […]

An open letter to the KCCUK: Please can we have some live K-Pop in London?

Dear Korean Cultural Centre, As France prepares for its first ever K-POP concert with one of South Korea’s leading entertainment companies, the general feeling around the blogosphere is that this will truly be a historical moment. As many have said, “The Hallyu is finally here” but for me as a British supporter of Korean culture […]