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Cooking in the danger zone (2)

Dog Stew Not much to report on this programme. Nothing sensationalist. The most interesting thing was that the BBC crew was shadowed by a Korean TV crew who were interested in how the Beeb were going to portray the dogmeat industry. And there was a beef farm where although the cattle weren’t free range they seemed fairly comfortable in their pens and were played soothing music.

The dogmeat stew looked very appetising, but the presenter refused to eat it in front of the Korean TV cameras for fear of being seen to condone an unregulated industry.

And it wasn’t these unpleasant looking things that the presenter ate, as trailed on the BBC website, but the more prickly-looking sea cucumbers.

Overall less irritating than most of the things you see on TV nowadays. In fact not irritating at all: an interesting and balanced programme.

There’s some behind-the-scenes images here, some stills from the show here (from where the above image of dogmeat stew was taken), the presenter’s blog entry on the programme here, and a good review from the Scotsman here.


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