Careful not to try earning a little cash on the side

The Marmot has picked up a little news item from the Korean press: a couple of foreigners were caught out earning a little but of cash by getting bit-parts in Bong Joon-ho’s The Host, and they now face deportation. One of them was only in Korea on a 90 day tourist visa.

Good news for the both, however. If they pay a 1 million won fine and leave Korea, they can return anytime they like. If they fail to pay the fine, however, they would be forcefully deported and barred from reentering the Land of the Morning Calm for 3-5 years. Which would suck.

Other foreigners doing a bit of moonlighting include the wife of the American ambassador who makes jewellery, and the Canadian who’s doing a roaring trade selling “I’m not an American” T-shirts in Itaewon. There’s a good thread of comments going on the latter story over at the Marmot’s hole.

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