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Welcome to readers from the Korea Times

Korea Times screenshot

I should have realised something strange was going on when I noticed an uptick in the number of constructive comments being left on this site in the last day or so. Then yesterday came my first comment in Korean1. I thus learned that I had been mentioned in the Korea Times. I assumed it was the Korean version, but then Tom Coyner forwarded to his readership the English version.

It’s very flattering to be recognised, but there are three minor quibbles.

Firstly, something I possibly should not be surprised at, having read one or two blog postings in my time: when newspapers quote (as with newspapers from many countries), they sometimes quote selectively, and in the way that’s most favourable to their thesis (in this case, Korean culture). So the article decided to give my “Woman of the Year” award to Lee Soo-Young and Lee Hyolee. They were on the shortlist, but they weren’t the winners. Here’s the Korea Times text:

[The winners are] Lee Soo-young for being so totally wonderful at the Fairfield Hall on Mayday and Lee Hyo-lee for having the most photos on my Web site

You can read my original text here.

It’s not a big deal, but I would prefer that the real winner, Rowan Pease, got the credit. The second minor quibble is that in the image above, from the Korea Times, I seem to have mistaken Ban Ki-moon for Lee Hyolee. I know in the past I’ve mistaken Kim Tae-hee for Han Ye-sul, but even I am not short-sighted enough to mistake a boy for a girl.

Finally, they mention who I work for. And although my boss isn’t prone to browsing the Korean news websites, we do subscribe to news-cuttings services which highlight any mention of our company in the press. So there’s the risk that I’m going to be rumbled. And the penny is going to drop with my boss why it is that I’m no longer still sitting at my desk late in the evening. And he’s going to twig why I’m constantly dropping hints that I need to go to Asia on business.

Oh well. It’s nice that people seem to like my site.

Keep the suggestions coming. And for those of you visiting for the first time from the Korea Times, welcome. Let me know what else you’d like to see on this site.


  • Alternative link to a copy of the Korea Times article (the KT are always changing their permalinks)
  1. Which I had to get someone to translate for me, I’m ashamed to say. Learning the language is, at the moment, one time-commitment too far for me []

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