Hacker and WordPress 2.1 update

I figured out that if I change the blog templates the hacker problem goes away. So maybe I’ve isolated where my Iranian friends have done their damage, and possibly I’m on the way to fixing it. In the meanwhile, please bear with the slight shortcomings in the visuals.

Then it’s just a question of working out how to fix all the bugs arising from yesterday’s upgrade from WordPress 2.0.5 to 2.1. Can’t upload images, some of the navigation code no longer works, and who knows what else?

Hey ho.

Update 1: Still can’t work out how they did it, or what they did, but I’ve got rid of it. Wish I could do the same with all the WordPress 2.1 changes.

Update 2:

  • Hacker damage now identified, diagnosed and fixed.
  • Problems with WordPress upgrade:
    • Sticky post plugin seems to be incompatible with WPv2.1 – it kills the “older posts” and “newer posts” links at the bottom of the page, so I’ve deactivated it.
    • Blogroll and other links: sidebar now recoded.
    • Death of the image upload iframe: still working on it.
    • Strange gremlin whereby pingbacks end up hitting the wrong post.

Update 3: Traced the death of the image upload function to two things.

  • Incompatibility of WPv2.1 with McAfee AdBlocker (don’t think that’s going to be fixed any time soon)
  • Incompatibility of Flickr plugin with WP2.1 (they’re working on that)

Wish I’d never started on this upgrade…

Update 4, 2 Feb: Installed Flickr plugin v 0.86 – compatible with WP2.1. Seems to work fine.

Update 5: There’s some seriously weird stuff going on here. I’m now finding that having “optioncount” set at “1” (this sets out the number of posts, in brackets, beside each category), completely blows up my sidebar and the rest of my front page. Weird, because I’ve had optioncount=1 for as long as I can remember. So I’ve switched it off. The functionality just decided to give up the ghost when combined with my home page. Strangely, there isn’t any explosion for other pages. Don’t ask me why. More research needed. And the explosion has only occured since I’ve been hacked and / or since I installed the BlogWatch aggregator stuff. So I’ve switched that off too.

2 thoughts on “Hacker and WordPress 2.1 update

  1. It looks like wordpress is giving you nothing but aggravation….personally i would consider changing to another platform if its becoming that much of a pain, there are blog cms software out there with migration features ensuring no loss of data.

    I posted this here because your kissed by the devil post disappeared.

  2. Hi Raku
    Thanks for your comment.
    The post disappeared because of bad publishing practices on my part. I put up the “kissed by the devil” post yesterday evening in a fit of enthusiasm when I had worked out how to fix the Algerian hack. I then realised
    (1) I hadn’t written today’s post and wasn’t going to get a chance to, and
    (2) By posting about the hack I wasn’t giving due page-space to the post about David Kilburn’s Kahoidong campaign.
    So I pulled the post and it will be re-published as today’s post.
    As for WordPress, I think most of my problems with the upgrade are with me rather than with it. Yes, it’s not good of them to release an upgrade which is incompatible with a market-leading security programme. But the other problems I’ve had are because the army of volunteer plug-in coders haven’t caught up with the main software. When they’re doing all this for free I think I have to cut them a bit of slack. The WordPress upgrade instructions clearly advised me to turn off all plugins before upgrade and then turn them on one by one, testing compatibility. I didn’t follow that process carefully enough.
    So, mea culpa all round.

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