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Korean language meet-ups

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a new type of event at the bottom of my “April Events” post. It’s a Korean language meet-up. It seems there’s a group of like-minded people — some native Korean speakers and some learners — who meet up once a month in the West End somewhere, and, (I’m taking an educated guess here) speak Korean to each other. And maybe a few beers are drunk.

I just happened across this group while aimlessly googling the other day.

I know there are some would-be Korean speakers out there, and this could be a good opportunity to practice your skills in a stress-free environment.

Does anyone feel like going along and reporting on this April’s event?


4 thoughts on “Korean language meet-ups

  1. hi

    I’m a co-organiser!! hehe I thought it was you signing up, and wasnt sure until you mentioned yr website


  2. It’s a great idea. But seeing I don’t speak a word of Korean I would only be there for the beer !

  3. I’m still very much a beginner myself 🙂 we usually go for a nice meal and chat and usually in english *laughs*
    you should come some time. Unlike some of the otehr meetups on the site its about the culture and not a singles night out 🙂

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