The London Korean Links Awards 2007

Following the success of last year’s equivalent post here are the winners and losers of the second annual LKL Awards. Again, a personal and unscientific selection. Man of the Year Last year there was a clear winner: a man who had been in the press all year with little but positive coverage. This year started […]

Album review: Bada #3 — Made in Sea

(CJ Music, January 2006) After her lively second album, Bada’s third is a big let-down. Gone are the catchy pop tunes which show off her vocal range and bring a smile to the face. Instead we are faced with a run-of-the-mill R&B and dance collection, which could have been put together by anyone. The voice […]

Thank You!

Thanks to all those who have in different ways contributed to LKL this year. In no particular order: The guest contributors, who provide coverage that I am unqualified to provide, thus adding so much value. Jennifer for her lively accounts of some of the special London events. We look forward to your book next year, […]

Koreans and Handball

A message recently received from a visitor to this site. Do Koreans in London play Handball or want to play? Thames Handball in Kingston upon Thames need players of all standards- men and women or children. see website Also NEW The South Korean movie, “The Best Moment of Our Lives,” will be released in […]

Another year of underperformance

Our abies koreana has probably grown about half an inch this year. It has thus failed to meet its very reasonable targets which we set a year ago. Yet this is the season of goodwill, and the kind-hearted Louise has granted a reprieve. For some reason, she has a soft spot for this straggly piece […]

LKL Quiz of the Year 2007

As a bit of seasonal fun, here’s a little quiz to test your knowledge of the events of the past year. Question 1: Corporate crooks and corruption An easy one to warm up with. Match the alleged quote with the appropriate chaebol The conglomorate had run a vast network that bribed government officials, prosecutors, tax […]

Some Lee Young-ae videos

I’ve been feeling guilty about not meeting the needs of all those people who come to this site looking for articles about the lovely Lee Young-ae and not finding very much. Having done a few searches on YouTube I’m amazed at the dedication of fans who create tributes to their favourite star. Here’s a small […]

Two more 2007 album choices

As an appendix to the recommendations by the three critics who know Korean pop, rock and indie music much better than me, here are two further choices. I can’t help but sympathise with Jenny when she comments that 2007 was not an outstanding year. My own purchases of Korean music are somewhat random. When I’m […]

Insult me again

A frivolous post for election day. About a year ago, when I was more assiduous in reading the Chosun’s celebrity pages than I am now, I noted a trend in mindless prose, particularly when the paper was commenting on the most recent commercial featuring some skimpily-clad popstrel or other. I was convinced that the text […]

The artists at Spectrum

Here are brief details of the works and artists appearing in the Spectrum Korean Contemporary Arts show at the Jerwood Space, 14-18 December 2007. The details are extracted from the exhibition catalogue. Luca Sangjun Kim My paintings are focused on materialization of fundamental elements of painting applied. With the properties of paint as material, a […]

A nomination for artiste of the year

In more than a footnote to her Critic’s Choice article, Saharial reviews the achievements of Lee Minwoo this year My personal nomination for artiste of the year goes to Lee Minwoo a.k.a. ‘M’. In the last 12 months he has not only released a live album and a third solo effort, and held successful tours […]

Evan #1: Hard to Breath

Jenny Wu reviews her album of the year T-Entertainment, March 2007 It seems as though the recent kpop scene has been increasingly riddled with generic and bland tunes. However, once in a while, I’ll come across something that’s worthy of my time. For every cloud, there’s a silver lining. This is where Evan (Yoo Ho […]

Korean football in crisis?

Aashish Gadhvi has some issues to get off his chest about the state of Korean football. Its time to face facts, people. The golden generation is finished. The players are all overpaid, high-ego celebrities with more money than talent. The fans don’t get behind the team and no manager in their right mind would take […]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2007: Saharial

Saharial, a moderator in the soompi forums and a self-confessed pop junkie, presents her selection of 2007 releases – and has some words of comfort for a disappointing release which didn’t make her list First up is the King of Ballads — Sung Si Kyung. This sixteen track 5th Album called The Ballads opens with […]