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Thank You!

Thanks to all those who have in different ways contributed to LKL this year. In no particular order:

  • The guest contributors, who provide coverage that I am unqualified to provide, thus adding so much value.
    • Jennifer for her lively accounts of some of the special London events. We look forward to your book next year, Jennifer
    • Anna for her tireless quest to find new indie bands to interview for this site.
    • Jenny for letting me plunder her site for some of her CD reviews
    • Saharial for her nomination for artiste of the year; and of course a big thanks to Saharial, Anna and Jenny for their CD of the Year recommendations
    • Beccy for her visual arts coverage
    • Ash for his sports coverage and the account of his trip to Seoul
    • Peter for his four articles covering events from hanbok to traditional dance via a business reception
    • Susan and Michael for their contributions on two North Korean related events
  • The folks at WordPress for their world-beating free blogging platform, Scott Wallick for the elegant set of templates which are easy to tailor, and the various coders out there who extend the WordPress funtionality with various cool plugins
  • Tom Coyner‘s news cutting service and bloggers too numerous to mention, for providing content.
  • Louise for her patience, and for providing the occasional article on horticulture, seaports and the legal market.
  • Professionals in the academic, diplomatic and arts worlds who tolerate and even encourage my amateur efforts.
  • Organisers and sponsors of the various artistic and academic events in London and the UK. Especially those who tell me about their events before they happen.
  • And finally, readers and commenters, without whom there wouldn’t be much point…

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