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The Seoul Magazine photo challenge

One of my minor complaints with Seoul Magazine is their slapdash approach to visual material. Particularly in their events listings they splatter pictures around the page with no description of what the image depicts and what article or event it relates to. We bloggers have a partial excuse for not putting captions under pictures, because as far as I’m aware html currently only supports captions for tables, not images. But publishers of printed media have no excuse.

Take as an example the listing of festivals and events on page 60 of April’s edition. One of the events listed is the Gyeongju Traditional Drink and Rice Cake Festival (19-24 April). It does not take a genius to link the image below with that event, but what on earth is going on? Other than to say that if you had drunk that amount of soju, you’d probably need a bit of a sit-down as well.

Gyeongju Traditional Drink & Rice Cake Festival - from Seoul Magazine