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Question mark over Kingston Korean Festival 2008?

Korean Festival 2007, Kingston

The open-air festival on the Fairfield Recreation Ground in Kingston, organised by the Korean Residents Society, usually happens in August every year, though last year it was June. This year, the date is not yet confirmed, and there are doubts about whether it will be happening at all.

I’ve heard a few inside stories about what’s going on, but it’s long and complicated, and I’m not sure I’ve got the complete picture. So instead, let me relay an old joke which may or may not be of relevance.

Two Korean politicians and two Japanese politicians get shipwrecked on adjacent desert islands. And no, there isn’t an uninhabitable rock midway between the two.

On the Japanese island, the two politicians immediately form a political party and hold an election.

On the Korean island, the two politicians form three political parties: one for each of them, plus a fractious coalition…

Hopefully, there will be a more satisfactory punch line in due course. I’ll keep you all posted as I hear more – though I’m not too well connected with the community itself.


4 thoughts on “Question mark over Kingston Korean Festival 2008?

  1. We are looking for a contact name and number from the Korean Resident Association of New Malden. Can you help?

    In 2009 we are hoping to have a Korean Culture Day for our members of which number 6500.

    Thank You
    Mrs Nockles

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