From Elgar to Shamans and Spicy Squid

An Evening with UK-based Korean Artists, sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Centre, 27 June 2008 Report by Jennifer Barclay, with photos also by David Kilburn and Saharial Let’s hope this is the first of many evenings devoted to young Korean artists living in the UK, because the […]

Behind the scenes with the KAA

With photos by Seong Hee Jo When you turn up to a cultural event, it’s not always clear how much effort (and stress) has gone into organising it. But even with the most informal of events, there’s a great deal of work that has gone on in the preceding weeks. With the KAA event at […]

Grandpa as salesman

The Image of the Elderly in British and Korean Contemporary Advertising‏ Lecture by Dr. Hyunsun Yoon Korean Cultural Centre, 24th June 2008 Report by Saharial, with photo by Matthew Jackson This informative lecture by Dr. Hyunsun Yoon examined the way the elderly are represented in both British and Korean advertising. A growing demographic, the elderly […]

Kie-jo Sarsfield’s kimchi recipe

Cabbage Kimchi (Baechoo Kimchi) Ingredients: 2 Korean (Chinese) Cabbage Korean Mooli (White Radish) or Mooli Korean Watercress (not English watercress) Spring Onions Korean Chili Powder (100g) Salted Anchovy Sauce (half cup) Salted Baby Shrimps (2 tbs) Sugar (1 tsp) Finely Chopped or Crushed Garlic (5 tbs) Finely Chopped Ginger (3 tbs) Sea Salt (100g) Water […]

Bargains at SOAS publishing workshop

It’s always worth turning up to an event when you know that book publishers are present. Brill, Saffron and Global Oriental were all present at the SOAS Korean publishing workshop on Monday. With Saffron selling their catalogue at half price on the night, and Global Oriental discounting everything to £20 (including the collected BAKS papers, […]

An evening with the Korean Artists Association

Press Release The Korean Artists Association UK was formed by 7 Korean artists in 1997, at a time when the activities of Korean artists in the U.K. were not broadly recognized. Over the last 10 years the Association has organized a number of activities and has grown in membership. Korean artists living and working in […]

Union Gallery launches Sea Hyun Lee catalogue

The Union Gallery behind Tate Modern has been showing Sea Hyun Lee’s vivid red landscapes since last month. Katie Kitamura has been beavering away on a catalogue for the exhibition. That’s now ready, giving an opportunity for a mid-show celebration: the catalogue will be launched at an evening event on 26 June, 6:00-9:00pm. The Union’s […]

Book review: A (minjung) History of Korea

Korea Historical Research Association (tr Joshua van Lieu) A History of Korea Saffron Books, 2005 It’s the 1980s. In Britain, leftist ideologues such as Red Robbo, Arthur Scargill and Derek Hatton had for years been railing against the government and the establishment using turgid language pilloried in satirical magazines, TV programmes and film1. Anyone who […]

New Kim on the block

Aashish Gadhvi introduces Kim Do-Heon, the new Korean star in the Premier League. After an impressive season, West Bromich Albion were great contenders to be beamed up Star Trek style to the Premiership, and by the end of the year they were crowned champions of a very tight, highly competitive Coca-Cola Football League. Whatever can […]

Maps political and pictorial

I’m sorry I never had any time to write up the Map exhibition at the KCC properly. Alas, it’s over now. I managed to miss most of Beth McKillop’s informative talk, and never had the chance to persuade Shin Eunjeong to show me around. If I get a moment I’ll do a quick Reader’s Digest […]

Exhibition news: Secondary Sensation, at I-MYU

Details of I-MYU’s June exhibition: Secondary Sensation Sungjin Kim / Jihye Park / Yujung Chang 12 June – 7 July 2008 I-MYU-Projects is pleased to present Secondary Sensation a group show of works by emerging Korean artists, Sungjin Kim, Jihye Park and Yujung Chang. The works introduce an idea of dislocation, fiction and process layered […]

BAKS 2008 Cambridge Conference: first announcement

THE BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR KOREAN STUDIES 2008 Biennial Conference ‘The Koreas at 60: Looking Back, Looking Forward’ FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT The Association will host its biennial conference at Clare College, the University of Cambridge from Monday 8 September to Wednesday 10 September. The Keynote Speaker on the evening of 8 September will be Prof. Meredith Jung-En […]

KCC previews Seoul: World Design Capital 2010

Notice of an upcoming exhibition in the Korean Cultural Centre, coinciding with the London Festival of Architecture 2008. The London Festival of Architecture 2008 (20 June – 20 July 2008) will be the biggest event of its kind in the world with over 400 events happening throughout London. As part of the brilliant festival, Korean […]

Korean Film in Edinburgh

Films by Koreans, films about Koreans, at the Edinburgh Film Festival: The Mouse Trap (Gee-dut) 23 JUN 14:00 24 JUN 21:15 Woon Han / South Korea / 2007 / 6 mins Showing as part of International Animation 1 The Juche Idea 24 JUN 17:30 25 JUN 21:45 Jim Finn / United States of America / […]

Call for Artists

The British Council and the KCC are co-sponsoring an exhibition by artists of Korean origin working in the UK. The exhibition will be held in December 2008. A Call for artists notice has been published on the KCC website. Applications are due in by 1 August 2008. Details from the KCC. Links: Download the application […]