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KCC previews Seoul: World Design Capital 2010

Notice of an upcoming exhibition in the Korean Cultural Centre, coinciding with the London Festival of Architecture 2008.

LFA logoThe London Festival of Architecture 2008 (20 June – 20 July 2008) will be the biggest event of its kind in the world with over 400 events happening throughout London. As part of the brilliant festival, Korean Cultural Centre UK and the Seoul Metropolitan Government present an exhibition entitled “U-Design City: Seoul” (20 June- 2 August) at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

The Korean Cultural Centre is to be transformed, becoming the exhibition as visitors are given a glimpse into the future as Korea prepares for Seoul to become the World Design Capital of 2010. Media tables, Image poles, a scale model of World Design Capital and the annals of history of architecture in Seoul will form the physical aspect of the exhibition, with pictures, projections, videos and more.

World Design Plaza, designed by Zaha Hadid

The U-Design City of tomorrow is Seoul’s dream of is a sustainable city that is comfortable to live in and has a design industry and activities that are advanced in aesthetic, functional, environmental, and social aspects (Universal); a city of the future that allows for a seamless flow of communication to reach anybody, anywhere and anytime (Ubiquitous); an attractive city that has a distinctive identity based on design assets (Unique); and a city that is created based on the participation of each citizen and their creativity (by U).

The WDC™: Cultivating a Culture of Design

The IDA (International Design Alliance)and Icsid (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) established the World Design Capital (WDC) competition to promote and encourage the use of design to further the social, economic and cultural development of the world’s cities. In this spirit, the WDC honours one such city, recognising the achievements that promote innovative design, and use design to revitalise and reinvent its urban environment.

While many other awards recognise individual accomplishments in design, the WDC designation is unique as it aims to focus on the broader essence of design’s impact on urban spaces, economies and citizens. On October 20th, 2007, the Icsid held in San Francisco announced that Seoul was selected as The World Design Capital in 2010.

Becoming World Design Capital is both an honour and an extremely precious opportunity for us to challenge ourselves to meet high expectations. In the year 2010, Seoul will be ready to be showcased as a global design city for the entire world to see.

World Design Plaza

Seoul detailed the steps for implementation of the “World Design Capital Seoul in 2010” project, establishing a foundation in 2008; making substantial preparations in 2009; and realising the Dream of the WDC in 2010.

World Design Plaza, designed by Zaha Hadid

As a main project, Seoul is currently building the World Design Plaza, which is a central design support facility, in the heart of the city, while revitalising the city’s design through extensive urban projects, promoting the interaction of its citizens in its design, and actively promoting design education both in Korea and around the world. World Design Plaza which is designed by Zaha Hadid will be completed in 2010.

SeoulSeoul intends to bring to life each of its design visions. It aims to become a global design hub by continuing to make tangible results as the World Design Capital after 2011, through the operation of the World Design Plaza.

Exhibition Contents

  • Explanation & Image Panels of World Design City Seoul 2010
  • Introduction of architectural model DDP designed by London-based architect Zaha Hadid
  • Architectural history of Seoul for 100 years
  • Four visions of the exhibition and the WDC 2010 Seoul


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  1. this looks really interesting 🙂 I used to study architecture and i have a soft spot for it still 😉

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