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Upcoming KCC talk on development on Korean protestantism

News of an interesting lecture at the KCC this month:

Korean missionaries: Protestant churches and their global vision
Dr Kirsteen Kim (Theology at Leeds Trinity University College)

Date & Time:
Wednesday 31st March 2010, 6.30pm
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre
Email to inf[email protected] or call +44(0)20 7004 2600 to reserve your place

Wherever you go in the world, you are likely to encounter the phenomenon of the ‘Korean missionary’, although it takes many by surprise. Korean Christian missionaries shot into the headlines in 2007 when a group were kidnapped in Afghanistan but many have been working for years in Asia, Africa, the Americas and in Europe. South Korea is known in Evangelical circles as the second largest missionary sending country, after the USA, and the ratio of missionaries to head of population is much higher. This illustrated talk will attempt to explain the rise of the Korean missionary movement in the Korean Protestant church context and assess its impact on Korea and the rest of the world.

Dr Kirsteen Kim is Associate Senior Lecturer in Theology at Leeds Trinity University College and Research Coordinator of Edinburgh 2010, the centenary of the World Missionary Conference. She has personal experience of the Korean churches and mission movements going back to when she lived in Korea in 1987-92 with her husband Professor Sebastian C.H. Kim. She has also encountered diaspora Korean communities in the USA, India and the UK. She will draw on her expertise in Korean Christian theology, Christian mission and world Christianity.

Refreshments will be served before and after the talk in the Reception area.

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