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Covering things Korean in London and beyond since 2006 is looking for bloggers, the Korean government’s online gateway, launched a blog earlier this year at They currently have five experienced contributors, but they’re looking to expand their range of content providers by opening up their blog to new applicants.

Korea Blog mastheadThe aim of The Korea Blog is to show the contemporary side of Korea and its culture while opening up a space for community discussion. To deliver information on the young and hip side of Korea, including hot spots, fashion, the Korean wave, and other trends, KOCIS staff members and featured bloggers will write and talk about Korean culture from their own perspectives. We are also looking for people from around the world who are willing to explore and present their views of Korea, while sharing their stories with other people.

As an incentive to new contributors, the most active bloggers will get a free 4-5 day trip to Korea.

Full details and application form can be got here: You have a couple of days to apply.

The blog is on the WordPress platform, so if contributors get the chance to typeset the posts themselves, everything should be pretty familiar.

One thought on “ is looking for bloggers

  1. I would do this, but I was half way through reworking my blog and my net was off for three days 🙁
    It won’t have enough entries :/
    I’ll jump in the next time maybe – my blog tends to be quite random and maybe not focused enough anyway 😛

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