Are the six party talks a waste of time? Pyongyang won’t give up its nukes, says Choe Tae Bok

We all have our private thoughts on that question. The Chatham House talk this week (29 March) by Choe Tae Bok, Speaker of the North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly, was off the record, so I have not reported anything specific from the event. But given the timing of the visit, coinciding with the implementation of […]

The BKVA Annual Report 2010-11

Here is the text of the BKVA’s annual report, presented to the Anglo-Korean Society’s AGM yesterday. CHAIRMANS REPORT TO THE AGM OF THE ANGLO-KOREAN SOCIETY HELD AT THE KOREAN CULTURAL CENTRE ON TUESDAY 29 MARCH 2011 INTRODUCTION 1. I am pleased that I am able to attend this AGM to present the BKVA report for […]

It’s not all grim up North

Darren Southcott discovers that North Korean refugees in the UK find life tough, particularly with looming spending cuts Food shortages and societal collapse have brought record numbers of refugees fleeing the grip of the North Korean regime, yet for many the short crossing of the Tumen River into China brings more the life of the […]

Paradise does not exist – By Mihyun Jang

Thousands of North Korean refugees fleeing face a cold reality in South Korean society. Many are seeking refuge in 3rd countries, although strict asylum rules mean many eventually are forced to settle in the South without benefits or resettlement payments. By Mihyun Jang North Korean refugees in China According to the Unification Ministry of South […]

Scattering Rhythms: Korean Traditional Music and Jazz at the KCC

Keith Howard has returned to SOAS from Sydney and brings with him a fusion of jazz with sanjo. Sounds interesting: Scattering Rhythms: Korean Traditional Music and Jazz at the Korean Cultural Centre UK Monday 11 April 2011 at 19:00 ‘Scattering Rhythms: Korean traditional music and Jazz’ is the creative collaboration of Korean traditional music by […]

The Fashion of the Korean Street

If I was in Seoul this weekend I’d be heading off to the show of street photography by Michael Hurt of FeetManSeoul and Scribblings of the Metropolitician: The Fashion of the Korean Street Time: 27 April at 12:00 – 29 April at 21:00 Location: Cafe Bene in Chungmuro (Chungmuro Station, Exit #5) Opening Reception from […]