Festival visit: Perfordian Factory – Babbling Comedy 2

Babbling Comedy continues the fine tradition of non-verbal Korean acts which appeal to audiences of all ages. On paper, the performance contains little that seems innovative; and it would take a courageous producer to take on a comedy show that promises, as this one does, to include some hand-bell ringing. But in the overall context of a show with four well-matched and talented clowns it worked very well. Magic tricks involving picking coins out of people’s hair again are as old as the hills, as are juggling acts; but the extra twist with the juggling was that towards the end it was combined with beatboxing.

The cast of Babbling Comedy do some PR in the High Street at last year's Fringe
The cast of Babbling Comedy do some PR in the High Street at last year's Fringe

There is, however, one trick which caught the audience by surprise: one end of a partially inflated long balloon is snorted up through the nose and spat out through the mouth – the inflated end (still hanging out of the nose) is squeezed causing the end coming out of the mouth to inflate. What sort of crazed mind invents that sort of gag? But it was hilarious, if rather gross.

The act last year was awarded 5 stars by the Fringe reviewers, and it certainly deserves to do so again. On depressing wet and muggy afternoon in Edinburgh, after battling through the teeming crowds to get there, it was a perfect way to raise the spirits and prepare you for the next show.

Babbling Comedy 2 continues at C Venues (3rd floor) until 28 August. Further details on the Fringe website. Photo courtesy of Perfordian Factory website.

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