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Saharial’s Entertainment Weekly: it’s going to be one of those years…

It’s going to be one of those years. If you hadn’t already guessed from the propofol and Park Shi Hoo case, the rather dirty side of K-pop and celebrity has started to show itself.

Propofol celebs
From left, Lee Seung-yeon, Park Si-yeon, Jang Mi-inae and Hyun Young (image: Chosun Ilbo)

The propofol investigation has almost reached its conclusion. Still limited to four celebrities, Hyun Young, who had it administered 42 times, has stepped down from her role in ‘God of Food Road’ and will receive a fine. Park Si Yeon (185), Lee Seung Yeon (111), and Jang Mi In Ae (95) had it administered under the guise of Botox and other procedures, and will all be charged along with two doctors and a third individual named ‘Lee’.

The Park Shi-hoo case is still convoluting its way to a conclusion, the result of which – guilty or innocent – will ruin careers and reputations. All three parties involved are saying different things, so the police have had to resort to lie detectors to use as guidance in correlating the events of those days. Iyagi Entertainment are now suing Park Shi-hoo for spreading false rumours. Without doubt this is a messy case and will drag on for a while longer.

Daniel from DMTN
Daniel from DMTN

And now we have a new scandal. It’s early days yet to predict what will happen next, but in the last week Daniel from the group DMTN was arrested for being the go-between for selling marijuana. Whilst hair and blood tests show he was not a user, his actions are still criminal and he will be charged. Who he was a go-between for is yet to be discovered, though Bianca Mobley, formerly of ‘Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies’ (aka Minyeodeului Suda / 미녀들의 수다 or Misuda for short) has been indicted without arrest and will be charged with marijuana use. Originally from New York she married a Korean national in 2010. Whilst no link with Daniel has been reported, it does make one wonder if this is just the beginning.

Tour News

Super Junior‘s Super Show is getting closer – dates were announced for Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile so it’s expected Europe will be on the tour menu also.
Actor Lee Min Ho will release an album and go on a small Asia tour as a fan service. With calls from the Middle East and Europe, the possibility id always there that he will extend the fan service to be global.
CNBlue’s Hong Kong concert’s 7,000 tickets sold out in five minutes. They start their tour on 6th April in Taiwan. No Europe dates have been announced yet…
JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert will be transmitted live to theatres due to the 150,000 tickets selling out immediately. They have yet to decide on an agency to work with in Japan, but with so many clamouring to sign them they can take their time to choose wisely.
GDragon’s world tour that kicks off in Seoul at the end of March will reveal his new track ‘Michi Go’ (crazy)
Psy’s April concert will also reveal his new track as well as a live broadcast on youtube.
Teen Top begin an Asian tour in May with dates for Seoul and Tokyo confirmed so far.

Moves and Shakes

M4 ( a project group are disbanding after 3 years together.
Viki from DalShabet who are about to make a comeback has left Happy Face Entertainment to pursue a solo career elsewhere.
BoM have also disbanded due to their label Y2Y Contests Company, closing down. The 4 boy group debuted back in 2011.
SM C&C have absorbed Hoon Media who produces top variety shows like Happy Together. A previous merge back in Spetember with AM Entertainment means SM will have a big share in the market and even more influence than before.
Brian Joo of the now disbanded ‘Fly to the Sky’ duo has formed his own company B You Entertainment.
Lee Jung Jae has joined C-JeS Entertainment who also look after JYJ and Song JiHo.




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