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Extreme School? Teenage education exchange on the TV

I’m not sure that it’s appropriate to call the particular school in South Korea “extreme”. Pupils showing respect and working hard shouldn’t be regarded as extreme. Rather, wouldn’t it be nice if the behaviour of the two Swansea kids was regarded as extreme?

On CBBC, 21 March at 4:30pm

Extreme School: South Korea

Extreme School

Two year 8 pupils from Swansea who are lazy in lessons, rarely do their homework and talk back to teachers, sign up for a week at one of South Korea’s most prestigious schools – Daewan International Middle School in Seoul. At this school the pupils study 13 hours a day, bow to their teachers and never muck about in lessons.

It’s a total culture shock for the Swansea lads, Brandon and Shane, but will their first lesson – English make them feel at home? When they get two of the lowest scores in their first test, Brandon is determined to buck his ideas up but the Korean work ethic isn’t yet rubbing off on his partner in crime, Shane. Will traditional Korean lessons of Kumdo and K Pop encourage him to change his view on education?

At the end of the week the boys must represent their country with a presentation about Wales. Brandon takes on the challenge but Shane is still unwilling to put in the effort. Leading a group of younger pupils up the majestic Yong Ma mountain and a stint at one of the country’s best gaming companies fires up Shane’s enthusiasm and finally sees the boys working well together but will it be too little too late?

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