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Lee Man-hee’s Homebound at the KCC

Not a very cheery film for the latest in the Women on Screen series, but Lee Man-hee is one of the greats.

Lee Man-hee: Homebound (귀로, 1967)

Screening: 20 June at the KCC, 7pm
Runtime: 91 mins

Lee Man-hee: Homebound

Paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries from fighting in the Korean War, Coe is sexually disabled. He becomes a novelist and uses his own marital relationship as the motif in a novel that is serialised in a newspaper. He is tortured by the feeling of shame that for 14 years of marriage he has not been able to fulfill his duties as a husband. In front of him, his wife insists that being with him is her choice, but her impassiveness puts him in deeper despair.

Reserve your seat via the KCC website

The screening is competing with a showing of Ryu Seung-wan’s No Blood, No Tears (featuring Jeon Do-yeon) at SOAS, and Jang Kiha & Yi Sung-yol at the Scala.

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