August events 2013

Still images of Nam June Paik’s various videos
Still images of Nam June Paik’s various videos, Courtesy of the Nam June Paik Art Center Video Archives © Nam June Paik Estate


  • The Edinburgh International Festival has three Korea-focused events this year, involving video art (particularly Nam June Paik) and a live performance with screening of Madame Freedom.
  • The Edinburgh Fringe has its expected range of Korean performances
  • The Kingston Korean Festival is on 17 August
  • A youth-focused Korea Camp is at Coopers Yard, Westlow Hill, Crystal Palace on 10 August. Details hazy at time of going to press.


  • The Women on Screen season at the KCC concludes with the highly recommended Gilsotteum (Im Kwon-taek) on 1 August and Happy End (Jung Ji-woo) on 15 August
  • The Choi Min-sik season at the KCC continues with Chihwaseon (Im Kwon-taek) on 8 August and Lady Vengeance film on 29 August.
  • There’s a secret K-film screening in Deptford on 7 August but you have to subscribe to Mondo Pop (free) to find out more. I can only think of one film which meets the description given by Alua.


Last chance to see

New this month

Performances and gallery talks

  • The Korean Artists Association’s Collaboration programme opens with an evening of performances on 28 August (and put 4 September in your diary for an associated conference and workshop)
  • There’s an artists talk to go with Kim Jihee’s St Pancras show, but held at the KCC, on 2 August at 4pm.
  • There’s a gallery tour to go with the KCC’s Moon Jar exhibition on 5 August at 3pm, and a creative writing workshop on 12 August.
  • Dhayoung Yoon gives a lunchtime piano recital at St Sepulchre’s Holborn on 7 August

2 thoughts on “August events 2013

  1. Did I alert you to the Mondo event? 🙂

    I think it’s safe to say with the few keywords given it’s possible to figure out the film… 😉

  2. Yes, your post was very timely!

    I didn’t want to say the name just in case there was another film which I hadn’t come across. It’s in my dvd pile somewhere, so I shan’t be going down to Deptford. Sounds fun. I’m sure Colette has reviewed it somewhere.

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