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Korean Literature Nights: the programme for the year

The schedule for the literature nights at the KCC this year has been announced. The first one booked out within minutes. Booking for Your Republic is Calling You is now open.

Date Author Book
26 Feb Shin Kyung-Sook Please Look after Mother (LKL Review)
26 Mar Kim Young-Ha Your Republic is Calling you (LKL Review)
30 Apr Hwang Sun-Mi The Hen who Dreamed She Could Fly
28 May Kim Hye-Soon Mommy Must be a Fountain of Feathers (TBC)
25 Jun Hwang Sok-Yong The Shadow of Arms (TBC)
30 Jul Kim In-Sook The Long Road
27 Aug Lee Seung-Woo The Reverse Side of Life (LKL Review)
24 Sep Hwang Sok-Yong The Guest (LKL Review)
29 Oct Kim Young-Ha I Have the Right to Destroy Myself (LKL Review)
26 Nov Yi Mun-Yol Our Twisted Hero (LKL Review)

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