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The 2014 Korean Food Festival at the Fountain

Food Fest at the Fountain Pub

The Korean community in New Malden is often not very good at publicising events of theirs that might be of wider interest outside their community. Like their annual Food Festival. It normally happens the second Saturday in July at the Fountain Pub, during Malden Fortnight. But if you search on the Malden Fortnight website, you won’t find it. So I rang the Fountain Pub this morning, and they said “yes, it normally happens during Malden Fortnight, but you’ll have to ask the Koreans when exactly it’s happening.”


So I asked a Korean. And it’s happening on 12 July. It usually starts around mid-day, and carries on all afternoon. Ji-Eun Jung and Sung-min Jeon will be performing gayageum and guitar early on, and there are always plenty of things to keep the kids amused too.

And don’t ask about the Kingston Korean Festival. I’m assuming it’s 16 August. If anyone knows one way or the other, do tell.

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