New Malden Korean Food Festival 2015

It’s the second Saturday in July, so it must be the Korean Food Fest at New Malden’s Fountain pub. 11 July 2015, from shortly before noon, but check with the pub for the exact time. There will be some familiar faces providing musical entertainment during the course of the day. Kayageum / guitar duo Kaya […]

The 2014 Korean Food Festival at the Fountain

The Korean community in New Malden is often not very good at publicising events of theirs that might be of wider interest outside their community. Like their annual Food Festival. It normally happens the second Saturday in July at the Fountain Pub, during Malden Fortnight. But if you search on the Malden Fortnight website, you […]

The 2013 Korean Food Festival at the Fountain Pub

Every year, as part of New Malden Fortnight, The Fountain Pub holds a Korean Food Festival in its beer garden. There is usually some live music, traditional games for the kids, and often a Taekwondo demonstration. And of course lots of food stalls. This year it’s Saturday 13 July, starting at 11am and continuing until […]

UK Korean Festivals 2009

For those wanting to plan ahead, here is a list of all potential Korean events in the UK in 2009 which have “Festival” in their title. I’ll update this obviously work-in-progress post as I get more information. Clearly, everything’s provisional until the organisers send out their official press release or put details up on their […]

Food Festival in New Malden

The Korean Food Festival will be held tomorrow, 12 July, at the Fountain Pub, 120 Malden Rd, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6DD. [Map] Word of mouth tells me that the format will be pretty much the same as last year – so it will be starting at lunchtime (maybe from about noon) and continuing all […]

London Korean Festivals 2008

It’s only early March, and I’ve already noticed that people are googling for “London Korean Festivals” in 2008. So here is a list of all potential Korean events in the London area in 2008 which have “Festival” in their title. This is obviously a work-in-progress post; with luck it will, over time, answer all your […]

Fountain Pub Korean Food Festival 2007

Bastille day will give you the opportunity to sample Korean food washed down with British beer. Maybe there will be some soju available as well. Saturday 14 July sees the Korean Food Festival come to the Fountain Pub (left) in New Malden. Details as follows: 12:00~7:00 pm (Opening Ceremony 12:15 pm) at 120 Malden Road […]