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Kim Ji-eun’s current exhibition at Mokspace is utterly charming

Another charming exhibition at Mokspace, Talk to me, Darling, is coming to a close: you have until 6 September to enjoy it.

Work by Kim Ji-eun at Mokspace, 30 August 2014
Work by Kim Ji-eun at Mokspace, 30 August 2014

Kim Ji-eun’s work is quirky and enchanting while also being strangely comforting. Despite the sunny nature of the drawings they conjure up the autumnal emotions and cosy daydreams of woolly jumpers, hot chocolate and hugs. LKL’s favourite drawings at the current show were a pair depicting a chat between two long-standing girlfriends: as they natter to each other over a mug of tea at the kitchen table each one is transported into a blissful summer landscape miles from anywhere, where they can enjoy each other’s carefree company in peace.

If your budget won’t stretch to the very reasonably priced originals, there’s some great postcards, tote bags, notebooks, badges and other well-produced gifts adorned by her designs.

Simply lovely.


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