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Channel 4’s new North Korean political thriller


On 21 August 2014, “Channel 4 green lights North Korean political thriller Opposite Number.”

On a covert mission in North Korea, the world’s most secretive nation, a British nuclear scientist is taken prisoner, triggering an international crisis which itself must be kept secret. Realizing their man could be forced to help North Korea finally weaponize its nuclear technology, the British Prime Minister and the U.S. President, two leaders of very different political stripes, must work together and mobilize every level of their governments to pull the world back from the brink…

According to Yahoo News, it didn’t take long for the DPRK’s National Defence Commission (NDC) to respond: on 31 August 2014 “N. Korea slams UK TV show on its nukes as ‘hideous farce’

The North is already armed with “unimaginably powerful nuclear weaponry” and has no need to steal foreign technology to further develop it, the NDC spokesman said in a statement carried by the state news agency.

“Those who are talking about ‘illegal acquisition of nuclear technology’ are no more than blind fools and idiots bereft of even elementary ability to discern the truth,” said the official.


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