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Burberry – the favoured brand of Korean flashers

In the last decade, British fashion brand Burberry manage to rescue itself from the chav associations caused by too liberal licensing of its check design to companies it couldn’t control. But you can’t control the use to which a raincoat is put. And according to the Hankyoreh:

Burberry coats have long been sought after in South Korea as a particularly elegant form of men’s wear. But the brand name has also been adopted as part of the local colloquial for flashers. “Burberry men” are males who derive sexual pleasure from exposing their genitals to strangers.

Wet Dreams 2
A still from Wet Dreams 2 (몽정기 2, Dir Jeong Cho-sin, 2005)

The Hankyoreh article is an in-depth piece prompted by the indecent exposure case of Jeju Prosecutors’ Office chief Kim Su-chang, who resigned on 19 August.

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