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So now you can buy posh soju at Fortnums

LKL’s soju of choice is 좋은데이, distilled in Sancheong County using the pure waters from Jirisan Mountain. You can’t get it in London as far as I’m aware, and it’s pretty hard to find in Seoul, the two most familiar brands being 참이슬 and 처음처럼. All these are entry-level brands, and the latter two are easily obtainable in London.

And now, if you want to fork out 19 quid on a 25% soju, or £35.50 on a 41% one, log on to Fortnums for some Hwayo. Here’s a screenshot to prove it.

Fortnums Hwayo

“It is not alcohol to get drunk on, it is alcohol to blend and harmonize with the food. Hwayo’s identity comes from its efforts to convey proper food and beverage culture,” says Hwayo’s marketing director Lucia Cho in an interview with the Korea Times. Cho also tells us that we have Judy Joo to thank, as it was she who introduced the Fortnums boss to the drink.

Cho is also marketing director of Bicena Restaurant in Yongsan. Both companies are subsidiaries of the ceramics group Gwangjuyo.

HT to Timothy Holm.

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