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Looking back at 2015: DPRK and regional news

In our third review of 2015, we look at some of the North Korea related news, and stories which put the peninsula in a wider East Asian context.


Human rights and defectors

defector books


Kim Jong-un SLBM test


Everything else

Kim Jung-un's new haircut
Source: KCNA


DMZ speakers

China – ROK

Presidents Xi and Park
Presidents Xi and Park (photo:

China – DPRK

  • After a year-long halt in providing aviation fuel to North Korea, China was reported to have resumed supplies.
  • The Moranbong Band’s performance in Beijing was cancelled. Depending on whom you believe, the DPRK were offended that Chinese attendance was downgraded because of the DPRK’s announcement that they had the H-bomb; or the girls were offended that the Chinese wanted to change the programme to exclude some of the paeans to the DPRK leadership)


comfort woman statue

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