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DPRK responds to Shin Dong-hyuk’s inaccurate testimony

L to R: Michael Glendinning, Shin Dong-hyuk, and Chung Soomin
Shin Dong-hyuk (centre) talking at a London meeting of EAHRNK on 16 September 2014 (photo Kim Dasun)

Further to the news that Shin Dong-hyuk, the “Camp 14 escapee”, has admitted that some of his testimony was inaccurate, the DPRK has written to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the UN General Assembly seeking to get the 18 December 2014 resolution overturned.

The full text of the DPRK’s 2 February 2015 letter can be found here. An extract is reproduced below:

I hope you will direct your kind attention to the following matters; First, the anti-Democratic People’s Republic of Korea “Human rights resolution” of the United Nations at issue was made up based on falsehood from A to Z.

Second, the initiators of the “resolution” should be held accountable for making the countries that supported the “resolution” fall for the lies. To that end, I would like to propose the following to you Mr. SecretaryGeneral with due courtesy.

1. Since the United Nations arena was reduced to a theatre of the anti-Democratic People’s Republic of Korea “human rights” racket, I hope you will engage in correcting the situation and, in the immediate future, let all Member States of the United Nations know that the “resolution” adopted at the sixty-ninth session of the General Assembly is an unlawful one, falsely brought up and adopted based on fabricated information, and take due measures to revoke the “resolution”.

2. The initiators of the “resolution”, including the European Union and Japan, have colluded to forcibly adopt the “resolution” by concocting frauds and falsehoods from the beginning and they have not interviewed even a single citizen of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea while doing so. I hope you will urge them to admit this fact by themselves and apologize for it to the international community.

2 thoughts on “DPRK responds to Shin Dong-hyuk’s inaccurate testimony

  1. The DPRK’s Ministry of Truth has already refuted Shin Dong-hyuk’s mendacious testimony. I’m afraid I don’t remember how came on this clip – it might have been here, so I’m sorry if I’m posting what may be old news.

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