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A selection of clippings from Rio 2016

1. The ROK team’s opening parade: who’s the foreign-looking chap who can’t tuck his shirt in or do his top button up?

ROK parade

2. The first selfie to go viral — gymnast Lee Eun-Ju (ROK) with Hong Un Jong (DPRK) (photo: Reuters):


3. The first world record of the games – in archery: “South Korean world champion Kim Woo-jin set the first world record of the Rio Olympics with a score of 700 in the 72-arrow ranking round.” (BBC)

Kim Woo-jin

4. The first medal: Judoka Jeong Bo-kyeong in the women’s 48kg contest.

Jeong Bo-kyeong

5. The first gold – hardly unexpected? “South Korea was nearly flawless to beat the United States in the men’s team archery final” (6 August)

archery gold

6. And the second gold: the women’s archery team of Chang Hye-jin, Choi Mi-sun and Ki Bo-bae repeat their London gold.

womens archery gold

7. You can always rely on a British tabloid for a well-informed headline…

Daily Star

8. DPRK’s first medal – a silver in men’s 56kg weightlifting for Om Yun-chol

Om Yun-chol

9. Another ROK gold: Park Sang-young in Men’s Épée

Park Sang-young

10. I guess an ROK shooting medal was to be expected too. Jin Jong-oh wins gold in the men’s 50m pistol:

Jin Jong-oh

11. An Baul wins silver in men’s 66kg Judo. Meanwhile bronze medals are won by Gwak Donghan in Men’s 90kg judo and Yoon Jin-hee in Women’s 53kg weightlifting.

12. And the DPRK’s Choe Hyo-sim wins silver in the women’s 63kg weightlifting, while Kim Song-guk wins bronze in men’s 50m pistol

13. Having won the team events perhaps the individual golds in archery should not have come as a surprise: Chang Hyejin for the women (with Ki Bobae settling for bronze) (11 Aug)

Chang Hye-jin

14. … and Ku Bon-chan for the men (12 Aug)

Ku Bon-chan

15. Kim Jonghyun wins silver in the men’s 50m prone rifle-shooting (12 Aug) and Kim Junghwan wins bronze in the men’s individual sabre (10 Aug)

16. The DPRK’s first gold comes in women’s 75kg weightlifting. Congratulations to Rim Jong-sim. (Photo: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters)

Rim Jong Sim

17. The DPRK’s Kim Song-i got a nice 22nd birthday present in the form of a bronze in women’s table tennis (10 Aug) (photo: Rémy Gros)

Kim Song-i

18. The Straits Times has a good North-South feelgood story. Jin Jong-oh (gold – ROK) shakes hands with Kim Song-guk (bronze – DPRK) on the 50m pistol podium. Said Kim later: “If the two (Koreas) become one, we could have a bigger medal… And if both the gold and bronze medals came from one Korea, it could have been a much bigger win.” (link)


19. In not an ideal incident for GB-ROK relations, Mark Cavendish did this to Park Sanghoon in the men’s omnium on his way to bronze. Looked brutal. Hope Park makes a swift recovery.


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