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New Paju footbridge honours Glorious Glosters

The new bridge near Paju (source: Gloucestershire Live)
The new bridge near Paju (source: Gloucestershire Live)

I am grateful to the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK for alerting me to the recent opening of a new bridge – the “Gloucester Heroes Bridge” – commemorating the role of British forces (and it was not just the Glosters, though they are the regiment who feature most prominently in the accounts) who fought at the battle of the Imjin in April 1951. Of course, the Songun group have a North-Korea-centric view of British participation in the UN forces during the Korean war, but they refer to an interesting-looking account from Julian Tunstall published in 1953 that I had not come across before.


  • Read more on Gloucestershire Live (but beware overbearing advertising pop-ups) or BBC websites. says that the bridge is known locally as the Wungye Hanging Bridge, and that it was opened on 22 October.

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