Hurricane Kimchi appears on BBC World News

by Philip Gowman on 17 June, 2017 updated 15 February, 2018

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Heezy Yang as Hurricane Kimchi

Heezy Yang as Hurricane Kimchi. Photo: Shin Hyo Seop; Source: Facebook

Heezy Yang, the South Korean artist, performer and activist, is also known for his fabulous alter-ego, the drag queen Hurricane Kimchi. Currently in London for the Queer Asia conference at SOAS where he is performing alongside Chinese feminist and LGBTQ activist Whiskey Chow, he appeared on BBC World News yesterday:

Yang has illustrated several LGBT activism-inspired works such as “You May Now Kiss The Groom” and “How Is This Okay?”, his street art activist performances have also been featured in the Huffington Post, The Asia Economy Daily, Time Out Seoul and more.

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