March events 2019

Still from Singles
Singles – screening on 4 March preceded by two informative talks by good friends of LKL

After the busiest February I can remember, March too is setting off at a cracking pace, and that’s even before we have sight of the KCC’s film schedule and upcoming exhibition.

It’s a big month for music: Hyelim Kim at Club Inegales, two separate Donghoon Shin world premieres, Seong-jin Cho at the Barbican, plus concerts by A.C.E, SIK-K, Bang Yongguk and the wonderful Epik High. And tickets go on sale for BTS’s return visit.



Talks and discussion


Everything else

Also check the upcoming events list and the Google Calendar for updates, and let me know via the contact form if I’ve missed anything.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement and LKL’s 13th birthday.

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