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Nature Republic comes to London

We’ve had temporary pop-up beauty stores before, and since earlier this year the independent SOKOLLAB has been in Soho selling K-beauty and K-pop products. But now the big Korean beauty brand Nature Republic is opening up in London as part of an international expansion plan across Asia, America and the Middle East.

The store, at 64-66 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0BT, opens its doors to the public for the first time this Wednesday, 23 October.

Here’s the official press release to go with the launch. Included in the release are details of the opening offers, including giveaways for some lucky shoppers. Follow Nature Republic on Facebook and Instagram

Bestselling K-Beauty brand Nature Republic makes UK debut

Nature Republic store

Bestselling South-Korean beauty brand, NATURE REPUBLIC, have announced that they will open the UK’s first-ever standalone ‘K-Beauty’ store this October, situated on London’s Charing Cross Road.

Taking shoppers on a journey to nature, the store will host the brand’s hero products in an environment inspired by Mother Nature, reflecting NATURE REPUBLIC’s core values of delivering pure, clean products and experiences for everyone, of all budgets and skin concerns.

The store design will immerse shoppers into a bright, interactive ‘K-Beauty’ experience. Once inside, customers will enjoy an indulgent open plan store with an ‘eco-friendly’ interior enriched with plants, flowers and a living garden wall, with products clearly visible to make navigation effortless and enjoyable.

The first of its kind in the UK, it’s the ultimate destination for ‘K-Beauty’ lovers; once inside the store customers are free to roam the open plan environment and navigate bestselling products in a haven of nature and effortless ease.

A global bestseller, with people flocking to their stores across the globe, NATURE REPUBLIC is steeped in nature, believing that the natural world holds the key to beauty. They use 10 raw ingredients to make up their collection of skincare, taking inspiration from the wilds of the savannah, the vast desert, and the depths of the sea – aloe vera, deep seawater, snail mucus, calendula, argan, baobab tree seed, oxygen water, shea butter, ginseng and green leaf.

The product collection includes moisturising gels and creams, cleansing water, SPF, hair treatments, facial mists, makeup, face masks and eye creams.

Opening offers:

  1. Ginseng – Buy 1 Ginseng Watery Cream (£75) Get 1 Ginseng Eye Cream (£75) Free
  2. Real Nature Mask Sheet – Buy 10 Mask Sheets (£1.80) Get £5 Off
  3. Hand & Nature Hand Cream (£7) – Buy 3 Get 1 Free (Mix & Match)
  4. Love Me Bubble – Buy 1 Body Lotion Get 1 Body Gel Free (£18-£20)
  5. Free Mask Sheet and Hand Cream For First 50 customers for the first 5 days of the opening of the store between 11am and 1pm
  6. Spend over £70 and get a free Herb Blending VVIP Kit and Relief Cleansing Soap
  7. Spend over £50 and get a free Travel Kit or EXO Kit and Relief Cleansing Soap

A NATURE REPUBLIC spokesperson said: “We could not be happier to launch Nature Republic to the UK audience. The UK is truly progressive beauty market, with consumers armed with a lot of industry knowledge and desire to find the next big thing in beauty. We wanted to reach these beauty
aficionados as the prestige marquee ‘K-Beauty’ brand, by opening the UK’s first-ever standalone store. We are confident the UK market will love our products inspired by nature, and their proven, effective results.”

Hero Products Include:

nature republic aloe vera 92%NATURE REPUBLIC Soothing & Moisturise Aloe Vera 92%
Soothing Gel Tube £5.90
Soothing Gel Round Case £6.50
Soothing Gel Mist £14.50

This product is so popular that it sold 1 million units in one day when it launched into a Chinese shopping mall. Enriched with natural aloe vera from California, this soothing gel gently moisturises the body, face and even hair. It is the perfect, natural blend for sensitive skin, and does not leave a sticky residue unlike some aloe products. The range also includes a soothing gel mist, that not only locks in moisture, but protects skin against harmful environmental factors.

Nature Republic Super Aqua MaxNATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Watery Cream
(Moisture, Combination or Fresh)

Give your skin an intense burst of watery hydration, with the Super Aqua Max Water Cream. This long-lasting moisturiser promises 72 hours of hydration for dry skin and offers ultra- nourishment thanks to a formula of 914m deep sea water from Kona, Hawaii and 33 different marine extracts, for enhanced skin absorption and refreshment.

NATURE REPUBLIC Snail Solution Skin Booster £29
Skin Essence £39
Emulsion £32
Cream £39

NATURE REPUBLIC Snail Solution is an intensive skin care line that contains the secretion filtrate of snails obtained from pristine areas of nature. It makes the skin look healthy and luminous by providing vitality to stressed-out skin. The Snail Solution Skin Booster is a toner that contains 90 percent snail secretion filtrate, and has a boosting function that improves damaged skin, while providing ultra-hydration and keeping the skin at its optimum moisture levels. It also brightens the skin and helps to reduces wrinkles. The Snail Solution Emulsion provides intense moisture and vitality to the appearance of the skin, while lecithin firms and increases the elasticity of the skin. The Snail Solution Essence Contains 27,200mg Snail Secretion Filtrate, and deeply moisturises and heals the skin. It is a wrinkle-fighting, brightening and rejuvenating formula, with the power to help fade facial scarring from blemishes. The intensive firming cream contains 62% snail secretion filtrate. It provides a firming volume to the skin as it densely fills it with nourishment.

NATURE REPUBLIC Ginseng Royal Silk TonerNATURE REPUBLIC Ginseng Royal Silk Toner, £45
Ginseng Royal Silk Emulsion, £48

The award-winning, luxurious and premium Ginseng Royal Silk collection is made with 99% pure gold, 6-year aged ginseng and royal jelly. This luxe cocktail of ingredients combines to offer intense skin nourishment and moisture, while managing the balance of the skin, and adding luminosity and vibrance thanks to the added gold. The toner can be used as the first step in your beauty regimen, to restore the skin’s oil and moisture balance, creating an optimum base for the next steps in your skincare routine. The essential Emulsion then eliminates rough skin by adding rich nourishment.

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