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Samuel Hawley’s Imjin War comes to YouTube

The Imjin WarOne of my most enjoyable reads so far this year has been Samuel Hawley’s Imjin War, originally published in 2005. At 664 pages long it might seem a bit intimidating, but in my view it could probably be twice as long and still be as gripping. But for those who like their history in nibble-sized pieces, the author has started releasing very user-friendly summaries of the book onto his YouTube Channel.

The first ten episodes are mapped out as follows:

1: East Asia in the 16th Century
2: Why Did Hideyoshi Want to Conquer China?
3: The First Invasion Begins – coming soon
4: North to Seoul – coming soon
5: Why Was the Gun So Important? – coming soon
6: The Korean Navy Strikes Back
7: The Battle for the Yellow Sea
8: Korea’s First Victory on Land!
9: Could Hideyoshi Have Conquered China?
10: The Spanish Plan to Conquer China

To tell the story of the whole war would take 20 episodes in total at least, Hawley thinks. For him to complete this monumental project, we need to give him a lot of encouragement and positive feedback. So subscribe to his channel to get updates when he posts his next video. Thanks to Yoo Kwang-on for spreading the news.


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