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Résonances livestream: Memories

Daegum player Hyelim Kim will again be appearing in an improvisational multi-disciplinary performance, livestreamed courtesy of The Vortex.

Résonances: Memories

12 noon UK time Sunday 7 June 2020
Venue: Vortex Facebook Page | Résonances Facebook Page

Resonances: Memories

Résonances is back with a third live-streamed event! It may be our last performance online before we come back on stage, hopefully soon. You will be able to watch us live via The Vortex Jazz Club and Résonances facebook pages. The performance will start on Sunday 7th June at 12 pm.

During this Résonances, performers will explore the thematic of ‘Memories’ and will share their vision and interpretation about it. Memories is a fascinating and mysterious phenomenon. They can take the form of fleeting images, flashbacks in our mind and reappear in our dreams. Some can fade away with time or stay vivid depending on the intensity of the emotions experienced. Memories, especially related to childhood, impact our unconscious and define our unique identity.

This subject has always been a source of inspiration for artists as we often reconnect with memories to create artworks and a new reality.

Résonances is an experimental event merging live visual art, dance, musical performance and poetry. The performances take you on a journey of creation, improvisation and interactions between all these art forms. This audio-visual experience aims to create dynamic and harmonious dialogues between different disciplines resonating, echoing and inspiring one another.

This multidisciplinary live performance aims at challenging the perceptions of the viewer, stimulating their senses and emotions.

This event will feature:
Visual artists: Aurelie Freoua, Ley Loosh, Gwen Kassenaar Heddle, J.Luccas
Musicians: Liran Donin, Hyelim Kim
Dancer: Petra Haller Dancer
Poet: Mervin Scott
Special guest: Tom Riley (Atomik Bubbles)

Join us for an event full of colours, music, dance and poetry!

Donation link to support the performers as well as The Vortex Jazz Club. A portion of the amount will be donated to the charity ‘Mind’:

After the performance, we’ll be opening the zoom meeting to the public for Q&A. Feel free to connect on this link to chat with us when the performance ends around 12.50pm:

Hope to see you then,
Résonances Team

The image featured on this event is a drawing created live by artist Aurelie Freoua at Inntöne Jazz Festival last year.

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