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Korea Future Week: Coronavirus and Beyond

The LSE Student Union’s annual Korea Future Forum moves online in 2021. Further details below.

Korea Future Week: Coronavirus and Beyond

Korea Future Week

We are thrilled to announce our main flagship event of this academic year: Korea Future Week. This event consists of 4 panels with 4 distinct agendas:

  • 22 Feb, 12-2pm: Economic Implications of COVID-19 | Facebook event link
    Dr. Leipziger, Mr. Ferrier and Mr. Stangarone.
    This panel will discuss the policies implemented by the Korean government, the economic outlook and change in landscape of South Korea’s industry caused by the recent pandemic.
  • 23 Feb, 10-11:30am: Migration and Ethnic Diversity in South Korea | Facebook event link
    Dr. Hundt, Prof. Shin, Ms. Kim and Mr. Carver.
    This panel aims to shed light on the lives and challenges faced by migrants living and working in South Korea. Our four experts will share their stories from the field to help us understand the social and political implications of migration in South Korea; from migrants’ entrepreneurships to foreign workers’ representation in Korean Media, to their legal rights and local inclusion programs – before and during the coronavirus crisis.
  • 24 Feb, 12-1:30pm: Korean Education System | Facebook event link
    Mr. Han, Mr. Park. Ms. Jung and Mr. Kim.
    This panel is dedicated to provide a fair portrayal of the Korean education system. In this panel, the Korean K-12 education system can be explained, evaluated, and demystified by those who have close experience with the system.
  • 25 Feb, 1-3pm: International Relations and Foreign Affairs (in collaboration with UCL Korean Society) | Facebook event link
    Dr. Chung, Dr. Nam, Mr. Snyder and Mr. Kim.
    This panel will discuss the International Relations and Foreign Affairs, on Korea’s response to Biden’s administration in maintaining its effective diplomacy between US and China and to further enhance the international relations with Japan and North Korea in alliance with US.

Each panel features several high-profile speakers who are going to share their unique insights on these agendas and who look forward to having in-depth discussions with participants.

Korea Future Week will be open to the public, including non-LSE members, who can attend the entire week of events for free.

Speaker information, sign-up links will be posted 3 days before each panel and there is more announcement in regards to KFW so please follow/like LSESU Korea Future Association to keep up with Korea Future Week!

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