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Off the Wall: Korean movies outside of the mainstream

Off the Wall talk

Those who were introduced to Korean movies in the first few years of this century with the likes of Oldboy and Bittersweet Life can be forgiven for gaining the impression that the majority of Korean movies are ultra-violent. But that’s in part because of the types of movie that distributors such as Tartan chose to bring to the west, under the “Asia Extreme” brand.

Hangul Celluloid‘s Paul Quinn aims to redress the balance in a talk that focuses on some of the quirky, off-the-wall movies from the last decade or so, which can tell you more about Korean culture and society than than the blood-drenched stereotype.

The talk, organised by the British Korean Society, is open to non-members (though obviously you are strongly encouraged to join!). Full details and Eventbrite link can be found on the BKS website.

Tuesday 24 August at 6:30pm via Zoom.

(automatically generated) You can find a video of this event on the BKS YouTube Channel, here.

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