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New Malden celebrates the Jubilee

A fun-looking community get-together in New Malden to celebrate the Jubilee, including a photo exhibition which explores the lives of North Korean escapees in New Malden. From the organisers we understand it will be a truly cosmopolitan affair, with Theatre, Opera, Gujerati Dance, Lion Dance, West End show songs, Ukulele, Sri Lankan Dance, Korean Fan Dance, Chinese Umbrella Dance, and Food stalls from around the world as well as other activities. We include below a provisional timetable of some of the events:

New Malden celebrates the Jubilee

Date: Saturday 4 June 2022, 11am - 5pm
Jubilee Square | Cocks Crescent | New Malden KT3 4AH | [Map]

Tickets: Free | More details as here

The following details are from Connect North Korea:

Jubilee Party

Join us on June 4th from 11am-5pm at Jubilee Square, Cocks Crescent, New Malden as we commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a free photo exhibit, which explores the lives of North Korean escapees in New Malden.

Partnering with New Malden Town Centre Partnership, the aim is to bring together local community groups and celebrate different cultures, as well as what makes each of us uniquely British.

The celebration is not only a moment of cultural expression but an opportunity to keep alive cultural connections, which we have translated into this photo exhibit. It explores the stories of North Korean escapees who have made a new life for themselves in the UK.

An expression through photography, in collaboration with artists we will take you on a visual journey which will take place alongside a number of other events, activities and food stalls, ranging from North and South Korean food, to Tamil drumming, to photographs of the Queen in Hong Kong. Join us for this exciting community event down in New Malden!

So come on June 4th from 11am-5pm at Jubilee Square, Cocks Crescent, New Malden for plenty of dancing, music, singing, laughter and food. Connect: North Korea is excited to be a part of this amazing community event and to showcase a visual representation of individuals who thrive in a place called New Malden.

Jubilee party poster

Provisional timetable on 4 June

(from Mister Woogie’s Facebook post)

11am Opening Celebration

Sŏlganggu (Korean Drumming)
‘Sŏl’ means ‘the best’. Hence, ‘Sŏlganggu’ originally referred to performance that only the best of ganggu players can deliver, in order to demonstrate the playing techniques in the kaein nori, an ‘individual play’ movement of an entertainment-based p’ungmul performance, p’an kut. For this concert, Jeunghyun Choi, Miran Kim, Hoja Son, Minjin Kim, Youny Moon will be performing ‘Dasrum’, ‘Dongsalpuri’ rhythms.

2:35 – 2.45 KCA Fan Dance

Korean Traditional Fan Dance is linked to folklore. The dance celebrates natural elements, such as the Sun, air, wind, sea and all the lives on Earth.
Team leader: EJ HAN

2.50-3.00 Korean Seniors Choir

GRANDMA CHOIR’s average age are 70 to 80 years old with beautiful voices and dignity. Choir members will dress up with fabulous colorful Korean dresses.
Conductor: OD KWON
‘My Bonnie lies over the ocean’
‘Long long ago’
‘Holo Arirang’

3.05 – 3.15 North Korean

‘Four Seasons’ Ladies will change to variety of the dresses in magical way.

3.20 – 3:30 Chinese

Umbrella Dance

3.35- 3:45 North Korean

‘Choonyang & Lee Doryung’
Korean old love story, express in traditional dance

3.50 – 4.05 Aria Soprano

Vittoria Kim
‘Land Hope and Glory ‘
‘Jerusalem ‘
‘[K-ARTPOP] 첫사랑 First Love’

4.10-4.25 LKCS choir of Korean Culture and Arts

Conductor: George YU
‘Abide with me’
‘Remember me
‘Beautiful Country’

4:30 – 5.00 KCA K-Pop Dance

3 K-Pop dance teams who are selected from competition from among 20 groups of K-Pop.
KCA Line Dance will lead all the audience to join in to dance.

Monitor Mister Woogie’s Facebook post for details of what is happening on Friday 3rd in relation to the poster below.

Poster for food and K-pop celebrations

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