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Documentary screening: Chronicling London Korean Hankyoreh School

An opportunity to see how the Korean communities in New Malden are working together. The London Korean Hankyoreh School is believed to be the only school where children from North and South Korea study together.

Note that there are three screenings planned on 18th, 22nd and 24th June. The latter two screenings are in the Arts Centre in the High Street.

Documentary: Chronicling London Korean Hankyoreh School

Dir: Jang Jeong-hoon (2022, 60 mins)
Date: Saturday 18 June 2022, 5pm - 7pm
New Malden United Reformed Church | Malden Road | New Malden KT3 6DR

Tickets: Free | Register here
Additional screenings listed below

Poster: Chronicling London Hankyoreh School

We are London Korean Hankyoreh School that started in New Malden in 2014 and the school was created to educate the second generation of Koreans. You may not have heard of our school, but we have been working hard to educate the second generation of Koreans every Saturday at a church located in the heart of New Malden.

Our school teaches Korean language, history, and culture to all children of Korean heritage (South, North, and Chinese-Korean) in the UK, helping them to live without losing their Korean identity. We have a mission of helping students grow into citizens of the local community with self-esteem, and become talented individuals who can contribute to the Korean Peninsula where North and South Korea live in peace in the future.

Although it has been difficult for the past two years with the temporary closure of the school due to the Covid crisis, the school reopened last September, and now there are about 60 students attending with 15 teachers and volunteers.

We are also trying to expand our contacts with the local Korean and British communities in Kingston. The Chronicling of the London Korean Hankyoreh School is a documentary film by an independent documentary director/producer Jang Jeong-hoon who has won several awards for his works.

The documentary summarises our school through the camera lens over the last 7 years. It contains a simple yet moving story from the birth of the school to the present time in which adults from both Koreas are working together.

About 70 years after the Korean War, the parents of North and South Korea are building a ‘School of Peace’ in a distant land of British isle. Please support our wonderful journey marching towards the bright future.

Your attendance will brighten up the screening, so please join us with this meaningful event.


It has been 7 years since our school started. We would like to share our history with you. Director Jang, who has been recording our school since 2014, has finally finished his 60 min. documentary film. It shows why North Korean parents started this school in New Malden, what they hoped for, and how North and South Koreans worked together to raise this new generation. June is remembrance month in Korea, since the Korean war broke out on 25 June, 1950. We will make a school for peace and reconciliation. Please be with us and celebrate our efforts.


Jeonghoon Jang: Documentary director and cameraman.

The Short documentary ‘The Land of Iron’, screened at Johns Hopkins University in the United States in 2001 by the invitation of ICBL president and 1997 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams, and in Paris in 2007 by the invitation of Cinéma Vérité Film festival.

Director Jang has been producing various TV current affairs programmes such as ‘KBS World Today’, ‘MBC-W’, ‘PD Notebook’, and ‘Witnesses’ in Newstapa. He directed and filmed a number of special documentaries, including ‘Sonsational (2019)’ which was broadcast on tvN and Amazon, ‘Next Human (2015)’ on KBS and Netflix, KBS London Olympics special ‘London Rebirth’, EBS ‘Physics’, ‘Civilization and Mathematics (2011)’, and ‘Capitalism (2012)’. He won the EBS Broadcasting Awards in 2015.


Our school documentary has won an award!

‘The Chronicling London Hankyoreh School’, the story of our school made by director Jang Jung-hoon, won the Hollywood International Golden Age’s “Best International Documentary” award! Hollywood International Golden Age is an online film festival based in New York. Although it is a new film festival that has only been in existence for two years, the award winner gets a credible place on the IMDb (The list of filmmakers in the world). Congratulations Director Jang. We look forward to your good work in the future. And it is an honor to record our school through your eyes.


5.00 pm – Official Ceremony
5.30 pm – Movie screening
6.30 pm – Panel Talk and Q&A
7.00 pm – Reception

Additional Screenings

1st 7 – 9 pm, Wednesday 22 Jun
2nd 7 – 9 pm, Friday 24 Jun
Venue Korean Culture and Art Centre 143 High Street, New Malden KT3 4BH

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