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Korean performers at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe

Note that this is a post containing performers at the Fringe. There’s a separate post for Korean performers at the main International Festival, here.

Korean performers at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe

Date: Wednesday 2 August - Sunday 27 August 2023
Edinburgh (various venues)

Tickets: Various | Ticket links below
Composite image of 2023 Edinburgh Fringe performers

A very varied selection of acts are coming to the Fringe this year:

At That Time, Byeon

At That Time, ByeonGenre: Theatre (comedy, dark comedy)
Group: Haddangse
Venue 209: Greenside @ Nicolson Square – Lime Studio
11:25am , Aug 7-12, 14-19 | Book tickets
Duration: 1 hour

Japanese colonial era 1931: vertical drop shot of those crawling up to desire! It raises the issue of human desire and greed with the motif of the “Maria” (Byeon Hong-rye) murder case. It highlights the fictionality of the work by actively incorporating the filming techniques of silent films into the performance. The actors stage the truth of death and the life of Byeon Hong-rye through play.

Hello, The Hell: Othello

Hello, The Hell: OthelloGenre: Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (theatre, physical theatre)
Group: Creative Jakhwa / Korean Season presented by AtoBiz Ltd
Venue 20: Assembly Rooms – Ballroom
13:40, Aug 3-13, 15-20, 22-27 | Book tickets
Duration: 1 hour

Millions of years after Othello killed Desdemona, Othello and Iago are living an endless, repetitive life in Hell. Punished for the sin of the past with recurring, relentless nightmares whenever they close their eyes, their bodies fade a little more each day. Until one day, Iago realises how to escape their terrible predicament. Hello the Hell: Othello by Jakhwa Creations, is inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy and newly interpreted to focus on the afterlife of the characters, recreated with a fresh narrative and creative physical theatre.

Il Wol Dang

Il Wol DangGenre: Music (live music, international)
Group: Il Wol Dang Band / Korean Season presented by AtoBiz
Venue 322: Assembly Checkpoint
16:30, Aug 15-20, 22-27 | Book tickets
Duration: 1 hour

From touring internationally, Il Wol Dang has a wide-reaching reputation as an artistic music group. They are an ambient-house music team, using traditional Korean music as a base to tell stories about human beings and their place between the sun and the moon. Il Wol Dang use this blend of genres to reflect back to the eras when historical heroes changed the world with special music gatherings. Experience the dreamy moods and relaxing sounds of Il Won Dang, and see yourself anew.


KokoonGenre: Cabaret and Variety (comedy, music)
Group: YOONSO Group / Korean Season presented by AtoBiz Ltd
Venue 322: Assembly Checkpoint
16:30, Aug 2-8, 10-13 | Book tickets
Duration: 1 hour

Kokoon are a new kind of boy band, combining K-Pop with K-Comedy. After debuting with their TV comedy programme Comedy Big League, they released their successful first album What?!!. A Christmas digital single and a second album, Kitty (nyaongy) followed, and they are well-known on stages and screens throughout Korea and Japan. Singing, dancing, rapping and comedy – Kokoon have it all. Don’t miss this entertaining and unique show, a feast for the eyes and ears! Winner of the Best Music Award, Adelaide Fringe 2023.

The Maids

The MaidsGenre: Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (theatre, physical theatre)
Group: MOO SOO Theatre group / Korean Season presented by AtoBiz
Venue 17: Assembly George Square Studios – Studio Two
13:05, Aug 2-13, 15-20, 22-27 | Book tickets
1 hour

A play that stimulates the imagination, The Maids is a bold story of domination through domestication. Using props on the stage to stir the imagination, chairs turn into windows or a whole different world as the actors flow ceremoniously around the stage. A stimulating and beautiful play embodying the aesthetics of moderation. Are the Maids using the water to clean, or are they destroying their Madame’s house?

The Messenger

The MessengerGenre: Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (international, drama)
Group: Creative Group Geo-gi-ga-myeon / Korean Season presented by AtoBiz Ltd
Venue 139: Assembly Roxy – Central
12:00, Aug 3-13, 15-20, 22-27 | Book tickets
Duration: 1 hour

Breaking up with a beloved one is always heartbreaking. However, at one point we all face the moment of separation. Such is life. This beautiful play depicts the break-up of an old couple in a humorous, poetic and touching way. This non-verbal play is full of brilliant imagination and unique ideas. Three actors use slapstick, Tatiesque acting and magical masks to invoke the changing expression and physical humour of the characters. The Messenger is sad, touching and beautifully illustrated – a joy for all ages.

Collage: Magic Show

Poster for CollageGenre: Cabaret and Variety (magic)
Group: Daan Ho / Yollin Lee
Venue 16: Greenside @ Riddles Court – Willow Studio
22:15, Aug 21-26 | Book tickets
Duration: 40 minutes

‘Definitely raise a shudder’ ( This multi-award winning sell-out sensation magic show is landing at Edinburgh Fringe. ‘Are we all the same?’ ‘Are we unconsciously linked?’ Like a collage painting, humans live in a society with different races, thoughts, personalities and appearances. Collage is a magic show that humorously discusses questions about diversity through wonder. Daan Ho x Yollin Lee. Winning prizes worldwide, performed in over 13 countries, they will subvert your mind this August in Edinburgh.

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