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Book Review: Yin Yang Tattoo

Ron McMillan: Yin Yang Tattoo Sandstone Press, 2010 “If you’ll excuse us, we have stereotypes to explore,” says our hero, Alec Brodie, to a visiting investment banker as he heads off to a private room arm-in-arm with a Korean girl. Yes, there’s irony in the quip, but the stereotypes don’t stop with the expense-account prostitute. … [Read More]

Mountain walking, Tea Classics and a thriller: three new books

ROK Drop Book Review: Yin Yang Tattoo By Ron McMillan. Looks like a good novel for summer holiday reading. # Walk the Baekdu-Daegan: Korea’s mountain backbone: new book on the hiking trail. # An article about Brother Anthony (brilliant translator, says and his new book about tea (not my cuppa!): [Read More]