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A Necessary Lie: Escape for Freedom and Love

Publisher: , 2023
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This inspiring, unforgettable true story takes you on a journey through life in North Korea and the heart-wrenching decision two people make who will risk everything to escape.

“Doohyun and Jiyeon’s extraordinary love story shows us that bravery and heart can triumph, even during the most unfathomable of hardships. It is an illuminating, gut-wrenching and hopeful glimpse into life in North Korea.”

— Catherine Haena Kim, Actress

“An impossible story of a daring escape with miracle after miracle that will keep you turning page after page.”

— Steven Sharp Nelson, Award-winning Cellist, The Piano Guys

“A Necessary Lie is a story about the life-shattering, mind-numbing coercion, control, surveillance, exploitation, abuse, punishment, and oppression suffocating the people of North Korea. It is also a story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable adversity through hope, resilience, redemption, and unshakeable faith. And, above all, it is a captivating love story between two beautiful young people determined to follow the perilous path to freedom.”

— Executive Director, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

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