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An Introduction to Classical Korean Literature: From Hyangga to P’ansori

Publisher: , 1996
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From the publisher’s website:

This work provides an introduction to some of the most important and representative genres of classical Korean literature. Coverage includes: Samguk sagi and samguk yusa as literature; Kuun mong and Unyongchon; the lyricism of Koryo songs; and the literature of Choson Dynasty Women.


  1. What Is Korean Literature?
  2. The Mystery and Loveliness of the Hyangga
  3. The Incomparable Lyricism of Koryo Songs
  4. Notes on the Samguk sagi and Samguk yusa
  5. Notes on Shijo
  6. The Literature of Choson Dynasty Women
  7. Ho Kyun: Hong Kiltong chon and the Hanmun Lives
  8. Kuun mong and “Unyong chon”
  9. The Literature of Shirhak: Winam, Pak Chi-won
  10. Notes on P’ansori
  11. Toward Modern Korean Literature

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