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Buddhism in the Early Choson: Suppression and Transformation

Editor: Lewis R. Lancaster, Chai-Shin Yu
Author: , , , ,
Publisher: , 1996
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From the publisher’s website:

Contrary to the Buddhism in the Koryo period, Buddhism in the early Choson period suffered from a great deal of suppression. The society was dominated by the Confucian elite and there was little power or financial resources available to the Buddhists. The monasteries were struggling. Nevertheless, out of this community, came a succession of leaders recognized and honored for their practice. Through them the development of the religion continued and they left a tradition of practice and teaching which survives to this day. This volume explores the decline as well as the transformation of the religion in this time period.


Introduction – LEWIS LANCASTER
Policies Toward Buddhism in Late Kory6 and Early Choson – HAN U-GUN
The Perspective of the Meditation (Son) and Doctrine (Kyo) Schools in the Early Choson Period – KWON KI-JONG
A Study of Solcham’s Commentary on the Diagram of the Dharma Realm – MOK CHONG-BAE
Master Hyujong: His Thought and Dharma Lineage – KIM YONG-T’AE

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