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Daughters of the Bear: An Anthology of Korean Women’s Stories

Editor: Maite Diez and Jennifer Mathews
Translated by: , ,
Publisher: , 2004.
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Daughters of the Bear is an anthology of non-fiction by 53 Korean women such as a shopkeeper in Itaewon, a doctor in Apkujong, a musician in Myong-Dong, a housewife in Chamshil, and a student at Ewha Womans University. Shiver with a merchant as she recollects escaping with her sisters and mother across the 38th Parallel in a rowboat under Russian gunfire; share with a young professional her secret wedding to a coworker; and walk along the paths between green carpeted barley fields toward a woman’s childhood home. Through their stories, Korean women of different generations explore family, sacrifice, memories, relationships, sexuality, society’s expectations and constraints, education, and the search for fulfillment and identity. The book includes a foreword by Chang Pilwha and translations by Young-Oak Wells, Professor Kenneth Wells and Brother Anthony of Taizé

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