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Early Korea 3: The Rediscovery of Kaya in History and Archaeology

From the publisher’s website:

Early Korea is dedicated to developing the fields of early Korean history and archaeology in the English language. Volume Three features six articles written by Korean scholars who specialize in the subjects presented herein. The featured section includes three articles written on the Kaya polities in Korean history, with focuses on political history, historiography and scholarship, and archaeology. A fourth article introduces the Pokch’ŏn-dong cemetery in the Tongnae region of Pusan, an important site for understanding Kaya and its relations with Silla. Two other articles discuss various aspects of cultural resource management in Korea, the first treating cultural heritage management in South Korea over the past half century, and the second reviewing the important role played by institutes that specialize in archaeological excavation.

Mark E. Byington, founder and project director of the Early Korea Project at the Korea Institute, Harvard University, serves also as editor of Early Korea, an edited serial publication focused on early Korean history and archaeology. He is also the series editor for the Early Korea Project Occasional Series. His primary research interest centers on the formation and development of early Korean states, particularly Koguryŏ and Puyŏ.

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