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East Asian Art History in a Transnational Context

Editor: Eriko Tomizawa-Kay, Toshio Watanabe
Author: , ,
Publisher: , 2019
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From the publisher’s website:

This is the first comprehensive English-language study of East Asian art history in a transnational context, and challenges the existing geographic, temporal, and generic paradigms that currently frame the art history of East Asia. This pioneering study proposes an important new framework that focuses on the relationship between China, Japan, and Korea. By reconsidering existing concepts of ‘East Asia’, and examining the porousness of boundaries in East Asian art history, the study proposes a new model for understanding trans-local artistic production – in particular the mechanics of interactions – at the turn of the 20th century.



Part I Constructing the Idea of East Asian Art

  1. Shimao Arata, Reconsidering the History of East Asian Painting from China (chūgoku kaiga) and Chinese-style painting (kara-e) in Japan
  2. Itakura Masaaki, The Imperial Treasures of the Shōsōin and the Collections of the Tang Emperors
  3. Satō Dōshin, Overcoming Modernity: Toward a Concept of ‘East Asian Art History’

Part II New Ways of Looking at Others

  1. Miura Atsushi, The Triangle of Modern Japanese Yōga: Paris, Tokyo, and East Asia
  2. Min-jong Shin, ‘Marginal Man’ Pai Un-soung (1900–1978): His European Experience, His Views, and His Art
  3. Eriko Tomizawa-Kay, Reinventing Localism, Tradition, and Identity: The Role of Modern Okinawan Painting (1930s–1960s)
  4. Kitazawa Noriaki, The Evolution and Modernization of the Sculpture Genre in East Asia According to the Japanese Example
  5. Adachi Gen, War and Pornography in East Asia

Part III Translation of Art within East Asia

  1. Aida Wong, Chinese Seal Carving in Modern Japan: Qian Shoutie’s Relationship with Hashimoto Kansetsu
  2. Tamaki Maeda, ‘National Painting’ Unbound: Modernizing Ink Painting in the Sino-Japanese Art World
  3. Junia Roh, Korean Lacquerwork Craftsmen Who Went to Japan: Change and Innovation in Korean Lacquerwork During the Colonial Period
  4. Liu Yu-jen, The Concept of Art in the Meishu Congshu: From Foreign Loan to National Tradition

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