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Korean Film and Festivals: Global Transcultural Flows

This book examines the various film festivals where Korean cinema plays a significant role, both inside and outside of Korea, focusing on their history, structure and function, and analysis of successful festival films.

Using Korean film festivals and Korean cinema at international film festivals as its primary lens, this interdisciplinary volume explores the shifting relationships between the multi-media genre of film and the fast-growing changing world of film festival cultures. It examines the changing aesthetics of Korean film in a transcultural context and historical (dis)continuity from a variety of angles from film and media studies, literary and cultural studies, Korean studies, Japanese studies, and also from film festival practice. Moreover, through comprehensive examinations of both domestic and international film festivals from the perspectives of production, distribution and marketing it highlights the reception of Korean cinema outside of Korea in an increasingly globalised industry.

Featuring the contributions of expert scholars of international film and Korean cinema, in addition to interview material with a practicing film professional, this book will be of huge interest to students and scholars of Korean and Asian film and media studies, as well as those interested in the impact of film festivals more generally.

Hyunseon Lee is a Research Associate at the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and Centre for Creative Industries, Media and Screen Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK. She is a Privatdozent at the Department of German at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Siegen, Germany.

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Foreword – Nikki J.Y Lee and Julian Stringer
1. Introduction: Korean Film and Festivals – Hyunseon Lee
Part 1: Why Film Festivals Matter?
2. From Festival Films to Film Festivals: Korean Cinema at European Film Festivals – Hyunseon Lee
3. The Evolution of South Korean Cinema in the Festival Network – Sonia Dueñas Mohedas
4. When South goes East: Latin American Films at Korean Festivals – Lucia Rud
Part 2: Korean Film Festivals and Cultural Policy
5. Beyond the International Film Festival: Contact Zones for the Agonistics and Solidarity – Woohyung Chon
6. Profiles and Motivations of Visitors to International Film Festivals in Korea – Jowon Park and Guiohk Lee
7. Function of Festival as a Social Drama: Redline Photo and Film Festival (2017) – Seongju Ham
Part 3: K-Films at International Film Festivals outside Korea
8. Transnationalism beyond Orientalism: Characteristics, National Images, and Influences – Kyoung-Suk Sung
9. Park Chan-wook Beyond Globalization: Universality at the Limits of the Film Festival – Steve Choe
10. Celebrating the Rival: Korean Films and the Osaka Asian Film Festival – Till Weingärtner
Part 4: Transcultural Practices and Networking
11. Film Festivals and the South Korean Film Industry: Kim Hong-joon in Interview with Hyunseon Lee, Feb 14, 2019 – Hong-joon Kim and Hyunseon Lee

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