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Korea’s Future and the Great Powers

From the publisher’s website:

The eventual reunification of the Korean Peninsula will send political and economic reverberations throughout Northeast Asia and will catalyze the struggle over a new regional order among the four great powers of the Pacific—Russia, China, Japan, and the United States. Korea’s Future and the Great Powers addresses the vital issues of how to achieve a stable political order in a unified Korea, how to finance Korean economic reconstruction, and how to link Korea into a cooperative framework of international diplomatic relations.


  1. Introduction – by Nicholas Eberstadt and Richard J. Ellings

Historical and Political Context

  1. Conflict and Cooperation: The Pacific Powers and Korea – by Chae-Jin Lee
  2. Discerning North Korea’s Intentions – by Chuck Downs
  3. China and Korean Reunification–A Neighbor’s Concerns – by Robert A. Scalapino
  4. Japan and the Unification of Korea: Challenges for U.S. Policy Coordination – by Michael H. Armacost and Kenneth B. Pyle
  5. Russia, Korea, and Northeast Asia – by Herbert J. Ellison

Economic Context

  1. Economic Strategies for Reunification – by Marcus Noland
  2. The Role of International Finance in Korean Economic Reconstruction and Reunification – by Gifford Combs

Strategic Implications

  1. The Post-Korean Unification Security Landscape and U.S. Security Policy in Northeast Asia – by Michael McDevitt
  2. Negotiating Korean Unification: Options for an International Framework – by Robert L. Gallucci
  3. A Policy Agenda for Achieving Korean Reunification – by Douglas H. Paal
  4. Assessing Interests and Objectives of Major Actors in the Korean Drama – by Nicholas Eberstadt and Richard J. Ellings

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